Monday, December 6, 2010

Order Of The Magi influences

Ok, so these are quite obscure influences, but I think what I'm trying to get at are the unusual nature of magic and that I need to put across this kind of ambiguity.

The thin line weight and simplicity of these symbols is quite interesting visually, this kind of cleaness in a logoform is something I'd perhaps want to emulate.

The imagery of the hand with somethign else within it suggests a magic symbol to me, the connection between body and symbols suggests something very occult and edgy which I quite like.

Again, like the food vectors, the simplicity of this and the way letterforms become a little more obscure within the logo are perhaps something I want to emulate. I also think it's important to have something clean and quite modernist.

The all seeing eye made me want to put this up. I think it's trying to get this traditional feel of magic/occult imagery and combine it with an ultra modern feel, much like some of the earlier logoforms I was looking at.

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