Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WHO IS THIS FOR? ammended!

Ok so during the difficult time of making my paper fortune teller that completely fell through... I decided that targeting American 18-24 yeard olds rather than British ones was much easier because they'd have a bit more insight as far as my research has gone and are more likely to engage with my product that I'm packaging. With this in mind, I've tried to find organisations that are appropriate and I came across Rock The Vote.
who don't just deal in getting people to vote but they go round campus' and such promoting political awareness in general. I think it'd be nice to work on their behalf, given that I wanted these packages to be distributed around colleges and universities anyway. Their logo is a bit swish for the hand rendered look I'm going for, but I can try and work with it in a hand drawn way!

Monday, November 9, 2009

nice little bit of design!

Jake Lefebure. I thought this piece of design was really applicable given it's political content and the really nice hand drawn qaulity it has (even though it's vector art). Just thought I'd share because I love it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

So alot has happened.

Ok so I've abandoned the paper fortune teller idea because it was getting me too hung up on details, so I've looked at the spinner idea more closely. I'm going to make it part of the front cover. I will show you templates and stuff on practice blog when i can be bothered to upload them! Anyway here is a little bit of what I've been looking at in terms of visual style:

As you can see, I want to take an illustrative approach, firstly because that's the kind of thing I can really get stuck into, secondly because I think it's the reverse of the usual visuals you find with politics (very smooth, very swish, very old graphics. see last post.) And therefore may be more engagin to students at universities and colleges who are sick of the same old thing. I like the fine detail in the hair above, I kind of want to apply that nice line work to my Obama illustration.

I picked this image and the one below because of the hand drawn type which I want to make part of my work. I really want to sell the hand crafted element, I think it will help make an engagement with my target audience who are generally apathetic to politics. The image below is amazing, it's actually cut out rather than drawn, wonderful.

Again this is a choice made because of the hand drawn element and the vivid colours that I intend to employ. I've started looking at using specific colours to represent different symbolic views of Obama, i.e. Red for communism. So this Image has kind of helped me a little bit in making colour choices.

Finally, this is a piece from a former third year who just graduated. Vicky Smith. I love her work and this kind of illustration is amazing. I don't intend to plagiarise her style, however I do feel that this piece does give alot of insight into the styles I'm thinking of working with.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Traditional American Politic graphics

Here are some examples of traditional political design, as you can see they're highly uninspiring. I really don't enjoy the smooth simple graphics that much. I want to put my own stamp on it. More information on this later!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So given that my basic principle appears to be Obama is good because everyone has an opinion on him, meaning that he's a good litmus test to get people talking about politics, I figured my target audience would have to be the demographic that seems the least politically aware. The only thing I can register this by and looking at some of the websites I've viewed, anyone can judge this by is who turns out to vote and who doesn't.

To that end, here are a few links to websites that go into why young people don't vote, I'm tempted to ask people to fill out a questionnaire. From this research I hope to get a greater understanding of why the 18-24 demographic is really not politically aware or interested. I hope this can impact on the way I design my work significantly.

A few statistics on 18-24 year-olds votes here
Some more alarming statistics on this demographic and political apathy here

Here's a university organisation called catch 21 that are trying to raise political awareness in their university through TV productions etc. I think that this might be a good organisation to create this kind of little political awareness promotions kit centered around Barrack Obama that they can hand out at universities. They don't really have much of a corporate identity, so it gives me plenty of room to pay with visuals.

Another possibility is to do a promotional pack on behalf of the Young Citizenship Commission who are looking at ways to tackle declining political activity in young people. Again I could manufacture this package to be handed out free in order to sort of promote political awareness and get people talking about politics. Perhaps referring them to a website for further information.

The politic-o-meter

This is another idea I had for interactive paper design, if we had a meter that sort of registered these different stereotypes of Obama according to where they sat on the scale of right to left wing with a moveable arrow, creating a politcal meter designed according to your views on Obama. Here are some (badly designed) versions of what I mean.