Thursday, February 25, 2010

Animation Research.

A stop otion animation using light, it isn't exactly what we're doing, but I think in terms of helping me to visualise the outcome of what I'm doing, this is useful. I need to think of the area I'm cutting away as the only thing that will be visible in the entire animation.

This animation using sand is similar, but more complicated than what we're doing. the imagery is generated by taking away the sand and letting the light through and creates a similar visual aesthetic to what we're doing.

In terms of the letters I have, I'm going to use very simplistic representations of the letters. The O it's self will just be a counter-less oval shape, this allows me to work quite quickly on it. The exclamation mark is going to use a square dot as a pose to a circular dot, this lends it's self to the story boarding I've already been doing to it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preliminary Research: Irreverence and British Humour

Irreverent: * showing lack of due respect or veneration; "irreverent scholars mocking sacred things"; "noisy irreverent tourists" -Princeton Dictionary.

This could be interpreted as our sort of cynical, sarcastic and occasionally vulgar humor. I must explore the kinds of things they need through a bit of research into humor that I feel has the qaulity of this definition.

A good example, and something to draw from visually is Monty python's flying circus, which is very British, very cynical and has a nice quirky absurdist qaulity which would be a good fit.

This was my initial thoughts, I'll post more when I'm less exhausted. time for bed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OUGD203- A quick look at successful collaborations.

This is just a quick look at a few collaborations, how they work and what I can learn from the way these have worked in order to aid my own collaborative practice.

Morning Breath

Morning Breath is a design collaboration between Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. One generates the images by hand, whilst one does all the computer work and type faces. I feel that this is a nice way to collaborate, playing to your own strengths and putting it together with someone elses to produce something genuinly unique. It allows for a collaboration that produces work that may be entirely different to what each of them may have produced by themselves. I'm a huge fan of their work, I love the combination of nice hand drawn elements that are sort of reminiscent of posters from the 1950's-60's combined with these contemporary skate/punk elements in the typography which is also quite sleek. I also find that the way the colour choices are made, which I imagine is a joint decision, ties all of the work together nicely into a neat package.

Project Projects

Project Projects are Prem Krishnaumurthy and Adam Micheals, they formed a colaborative practice based around a mutual interest in 'cultural prouction' which, in other words is design for things like museums; exhibition graphics, programme books etc. because they're both quite involved in organising art projects. Their practice is less about delegating skills than Morning Breath's though I imagine there is some of that. It's more about a shared passion. Given that I'm currently organising an exhibition and have plans to create a collaborative zine over the summer, I have a keen interest in how this collaboration works. I'm a fan of their use of typography and layout, though it's not something I'm a specialist in, in terms of my own practice, I can use someone else thats good at it. I think it's useful to share passions in collaborations, it creates a genuine enthusiasm and a shared enthusiasm that can create really great work.

Onomatopee-Activism Doubt.

Onomatopee are similar in collaborative style to Project Projects, using a shared interest as a passionate launching for their collaboration, in this case it's using graphic design to communicate radical, activist ideas. As I said before, I think that a collaboration of this essence is great, even if the shared passion is simply 'high qaulity design' it's essential to have that shared interest, I think it's also useful to have a goal other than 'great design' some kind of statement or topic you want to cover together.


No zine is a very different collaboration than any of the ones I've just looked at, essentially it's a zine headed by one man (Peter Frye) who takes the role of art director, he then has over 30 contributors to the zine who submit work based on the number of the issue every month. I think this is a really nice, clear concept and a great way to collaborate, allowing a large amount of varied and interesting work to be collated into one high qaulity collaborative outcome.

This quick insight has given me plenty of great ways to collaborate and I'm likely to employ Morning Breath's sort of delegation based on mine and Vickie's skill sets as well as a shared passion that Project Projects has (for hand drawn/created elements). I don't think it's likely we'll have an art directing role, though if we do, I think it's going to be Vickie who leads with that role.

Research 2D to 3D to 2D

The words I got were Skier, France and Dancing, which I have to turn into an illustration and then recreate it in a 3D setting, before again turning it into a 2D photograph. When I think of France, I think of the Eiffel Tower:

And the colours of the french flag:

So I'm going to work those into my imagery.
And with skiers, I just think of skis as the most crucial ingredients, so I'm going to play on those too. I don't think an image is really necessary though.

In terms of visual style, I like the lo-fi sort of 3D resolution of the images below using coloured papers and card as well as other elements to create the image in 3D.
No Legacy illustration

Tactile book

I think the original image has to match this lo-fi aesthetic so work such as this by Agnese Bicocchi would really suit the feel of the imagery I want to go for.

James Gulliver Hancock:

Right, time to leap into action.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Music Choices.

For the Ferris Bueller Ident, I want to use Yello's iconic 'OH Yeah' which is very memorable in the movie
I think that this would generate alot of nostalgia for the movie.

This song is the most iconic from 16 Candles, it plays over the particularly romantic end scene.

For weird Science, the obvious choice is Oingo Boingo -Weird Science, the title of the film is in the name.

This beatles cover of twist and shout would have been a good choice for ferris bueller, it's from the iconic parade scene. However as mentioned in my Practice Blog, it's a little more appropriate for a general summary Ident because it's nice and upbeat.