Thursday, February 25, 2010

Animation Research.

A stop otion animation using light, it isn't exactly what we're doing, but I think in terms of helping me to visualise the outcome of what I'm doing, this is useful. I need to think of the area I'm cutting away as the only thing that will be visible in the entire animation.

This animation using sand is similar, but more complicated than what we're doing. the imagery is generated by taking away the sand and letting the light through and creates a similar visual aesthetic to what we're doing.

In terms of the letters I have, I'm going to use very simplistic representations of the letters. The O it's self will just be a counter-less oval shape, this allows me to work quite quickly on it. The exclamation mark is going to use a square dot as a pose to a circular dot, this lends it's self to the story boarding I've already been doing to it.

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