Monday, March 1, 2010

British Humour and Design

Here is just some imagery I've got together of what design for films of British humor and posters that perhaps represent a humor that I associate with Britishness. I think this is a good idea for some intial ideas, however, it's more likely that once me and Vickie have interviewed some store managers of Ted Baker, that we're likely to be able really pinpoint what it is that they're looking for in terms of a sense of humour, because the term irreverance, to my mind, is a convenient label that the management can sell, but it doesn't really mean alot.

This Morning Breath collaborations is actually American, for an American film, however, I feel like it has the feel of a British propoganda poster and has this sense of irreverence towards an evil that perhaps deserves reverence i.e. shouldn't be poked fun of. I thionk in terms of visual aesthetic it's similar to some of the traditional designs for British films below.

This is a nice illustrative reimagining of the poster for Shaun of The Dead, I like the illustrative style, it sort of harks back to film title sequences from the 50's, such as the Pink Panther's style, captured in teh dvd packaging below:

I think this one for a classic Ealing Studios poster has a very similar illustrative feel to it as the ones that I've been looking at in this post.

Conclusions form the few things I've looked at:
-They all have a classic feel to them with a very British illustration style, and whilst it may be good to employ a few of these aesthetics, I feel that generally, it's a little bit dated and could be modernised with more modern colours and layouts.

Things to do to get a greater impression of visual style:
-look at other Ted Baker windows
-review results of interviewing the Ted Baker manager
-create a set of mood boards that communicate different directions we could take this in.

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