Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Concept boards and Crit 1.0

Ok, so from our brief bit of research we've done so far we have to have a concept proposal, here are some boards I made for it that summarise what we're looking at and hopefully clarifies why.

Unfortunately printing was an issue and we couldn't of brought these in, which is a shame because our presentation ended up being a little bit muddled. I think the significant part was the clarity of our audience, the price range it's self dictated that the audience would be high middle to uppe class, it's kind of £50 a polo etc. hunting kind of fits this audience well, in that even those who are what is described as 'new money' (working class that have managed to become wealthy etc.) have an awareness of the upper class and strive to be like that, so if we use something like hunting and turn it on it's head, it could be quite interesting.

Also of significance is an interview Vickie did with the shop manager of the Manchester branch, it has some telling quotes about what they're looking for. The significance they place on humour. Whats coming in to the shop windows next (punk rock easter bunnies?!) etc. It's on the third research board. I think its really important to bear this interview in mind at all times through concept and idea generation.

The second research board is other shop windows that arn't Ted Baker, that utilize visual aesthetics we're interested in, so the magic based one uses geometric shapes etc. that are quite interesting, whilst the other two have a very british, homely feel.

I think our proposal went down ok-ish, however Graham thought it important that we do some research on our audience and what they think about hunting, whether it's neccassarily a positive or negative thing. We could then use this research to parody or make a statement about their views, I guess his thinking is that the more controversial it is, the mor elikely it is to win because it'll stand out, so theres a few things we can look at there to really get some informed research.

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