Friday, March 5, 2010

Hunting: Qoutes, forums etc. and their opinions.

I went on a forum to get some general opinions.

These quotes seem to summarise general for and against opinions, with anti-hunt people claiming that it's killing for sport and ending life unneccassarily, with the pro-hunt peope arguing the values of tradition and survival skills.

"this is just a random thought more than a question.
Hunting really upsets me, even when i was a meat eater i couldn't understand it.
at one time, years ago people "felt" they needed to hunt for meat for survival but in today's day and age you can buy meat anywhere. So why are people still doing it?
This is what saddens me, they only thing i can come up with is they do it for "sport". they do it for the "thrill" of the kill.
I simply can not understand how stalking and murdering a defenseless animal is "thrilling"
When humans do that to other humans you're considered a serial killer and locked up for life.
When will this world realize that we don't have the right to decide which lives are more important than others animals or humans?"-BeanieLou

"Speaking as an ex-hunter, I can say that it isn't just about "the thrill of the kill" or whatever (or at least not for all hunters). Lots of people like to hone their hunting skills in case of a situation in which society cannot provide food for them. It is a social activity for a lot of people as well, and a tradition passed on through families (particularly amongst men).

You have to keep in mind that most hunters are species-oriented and do not view lower animals as sentient equals, so killing them is not considered equivalent to killing humans." -Kellye

But where does my audience fit? It's perhaps easiest to try and find a poll, rather than ask people in the street, because it's not always easy to gauge where someone fits in the class system and how much money they have by asking.
This poll is quite comprehensive in the questions that it asks about hunting. The statistics suggest that 52% so an overall majority strongly supported a band, so were against fox-hunting, whilst a further 11% agreed less strongly that a ban was needed giving a total of 63% of the people asked opposed to hunting. Whilst the majority of the people asked do live in an urban to suburban area, where hunting is no longer a tradition, I also think it's likely that most of the Ted Baker audience are from the central and suburban areas where theres easy access to their stores, rather than an upper class, country audience, so in general, I think this would suggest that our audience are anti-hunting. Graham's advice from the crit would dictate that we should then make a window thats pro-hunting in a way to provoke controversy, however, me and Vickie strongly feel that we can't work on something so grim for so long. We might explore a few ideas as to how this might work, however we're likely to look into other areas, and perhaps even re-address our concept.

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