Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Visuals that might inspire us.

I got some book vouchers for my birthday recently, and thought this book was a useful edition to my library as well as specifically for the project. The cover it's self shows sort of some of the paper craft techniques that myself and Vickie have been talking about employing for the project.


I just thought that these images used paper craft really cleverly and really humorously. I really enjoy the use of luminous colours that give it a really vibrant feel. I think if our own project perhaps utilizes the inventive and playful nature thats within this work, we're probably going to have a successful outcome.

David Ellis:

I think it's also important to consider the fact that we're designing for a 3D space, and whilst the paper stuff is suitably playful, I feel it's important to look at installation work, even if it doesn't use these techniques to look at the importance of composition etc. when tackling a 3-dimensional space. Ellis' work uses a very limited colour palette, as well as vintage objects that I'm sure Vickie would be an admirer of. I think in terms of coposition, he's managed to get a balanced spread across the walls that avoids looking top or bottom heavy. The placement of the objects in the foreground of the upper image is designed to be looked at from one view, but I imagine he has considered that it will be looked at from lots of different angles also. Something Me and Vickie should bare in mind when we begin composing the piece.

Oki Sato:

Again, I looked at design for a 3D space with this one, I like the use of colour (or lack there-of) which gives the piece a nice minimal tone that really brings the shapes and textures of the frames to the foreground of the piece. The use of someone climbing the wall emphasise the tactility of the piece and frankly, whilst I'd want to use a few colours, I think the minimalism and simplicity of the piece is what works. I think it's be easy for me and Vickie to throw everything aesthetic we have at this, but I think restraint will be important.

Jean Jullien:

This image by Jean Jullien has been highly crucial to us recently, it sort of clarified whhat we wer elooking at in a way, firstly the aesthetics are something we're interested in (bold/block colour and geometric shapes) and also in terms of a theme. Hunting is something traditionally British. It's also quite a serious mater, so if we could poke fun of hunting then it could be quite an interesting theme. More of this in the next post.

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