Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hunting, Associated Visuals.

I just thought in terms of idea generation, it was perhaps a good idea if we go with the concept of hunting, to get some of the recogniseable imagery of a hunt so we know what we're working with. I've tried to avoid the grizzly reality because, frankly, neither me or Vickie are concerned with exploring that, I don't think it's appropriate as a shop window display, it's simply barbaric.

Traditional Hunt

Ok so, I have this image to show the traditional dress for a hunt, the red coats are particularly important, as are the riding hats, when these garments are seen on a person, they are instantly recogniseable, as part of public consciousness, as dressed for a traditional fox hunt.

Autumn Hunting

However, a quick bit of research uncovered this:

"Autumn Hunting refers to the period formerly known as "cubbing". Traditionally this was the time when the new entry of hounds learnt how to hunt their quarry. Meets were held early in the morning and the field were present to help "hold up" covert (i.e. prevent a fox from leaving the area).

The dress code is different from formal hunting dress and is often referred to as "ratcatcher", "ratcatcher" refers to the tweed jackets that are worn.

Please see photograph of Phil Westerby-Jones

The dress code for Autumn Hunting:

* Hard Hat: Brown, Blue or Black
* Tweed Hacking Jacket
* Coloured hunting tie (stock) or shirt and tie
* Gloves
* Buff or fawn breeches
* Brown or Black boots, or half chaps with brown or black jodhpur boots
* Hunting Whip: Brown with lash and thong (optional)"

Significantly, at this time of year, in British hunting, tweed jackets are used instead of the traditional and iconic red ones, is this significant enough for us to utilize this instead of the red coats, I guess thats not my call as an individual to make, I'm going to discuss it with Vickie.

Here's an image that came up when I searched 'Autumn Hunting' I like the way it interprets tweed in illustrative form, and it's something to bare in mind if we perhaps do go this way.

The next lot below are sort of elements of the hunt that are quite recogniseable that we could perhaps draw in to the almost diarama of the shop window.
Hunting Horn



Phrases/ Qoutes
The Ted Baker windows often have a typographic eleement in the form of window decals, I think if we go down this route, it's important we find a phrase we're comfortable with as a sort of thematic slogan. Here's some ideas:

'Tally Ho'- not the best haha
'Hunting For Fashion'
'The Thrill Of The Hunt'
I'll keep updating as some spring to mind.

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