Monday, March 1, 2010

Ted Baker and others shop windows

Below are a fe different Ted Baker shop windows, they all have humerous elements, whetehr its the squirell heads, the cuckoo in the clock or the way the Hares look. I think it's important to remember this, as well as utilize what is quite clearly an animal/nature fetish that seems to run through the work. I think that the designs are all pretty inventive and in some ways avant-garde (bar the show girls one)and always quirky. I think we need to adopt an ultra-modern feel whilst maintaining this element of humor.

Visuals that I think would work well in this space:
I like the idea of using simple geometric shapes and bright colours in this sort of tactile way, it creates a really nice and quirky aesthetic that we could quite easily utilize.
Again, the really simple geometric characters with vivid colours and quirky characteristics would suit this brief quite nicely, it's an aesthetic that it's be nice to put both mine and Vickie's sort of stylistic choices into.

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