Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So given that my basic principle appears to be Obama is good because everyone has an opinion on him, meaning that he's a good litmus test to get people talking about politics, I figured my target audience would have to be the demographic that seems the least politically aware. The only thing I can register this by and looking at some of the websites I've viewed, anyone can judge this by is who turns out to vote and who doesn't.

To that end, here are a few links to websites that go into why young people don't vote, I'm tempted to ask people to fill out a questionnaire. From this research I hope to get a greater understanding of why the 18-24 demographic is really not politically aware or interested. I hope this can impact on the way I design my work significantly.

A few statistics on 18-24 year-olds votes here
Some more alarming statistics on this demographic and political apathy here

Here's a university organisation called catch 21 that are trying to raise political awareness in their university through TV productions etc. I think that this might be a good organisation to create this kind of little political awareness promotions kit centered around Barrack Obama that they can hand out at universities. They don't really have much of a corporate identity, so it gives me plenty of room to pay with visuals.

Another possibility is to do a promotional pack on behalf of the Young Citizenship Commission who are looking at ways to tackle declining political activity in young people. Again I could manufacture this package to be handed out free in order to sort of promote political awareness and get people talking about politics. Perhaps referring them to a website for further information.

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