Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making/Using a paper fortune teller.

Whilst I think it's a good idea that has a great deal of room to work with, there's two things I don't know/can't remember: 1.How to make the thing. 2.How to use it once it's made.
This video solves the first problem

And thank wikipedia for the second answer:
"A cootie catcher or a fortune teller (sometimes called a scrunchie and a chatterbox in Australia), is an origami device used in fortune-telling games by children. A player asks a question, and the holder of the device answers using a regular algorithm like the examples below. Usually the questions, answers, colors and/or numbers (depending upon the playing method) are added to the device by or to suit the user.

There are several different methods by which the device can be used, most of which use the following pattern of steps:

The player first asks a question to the person holding the fortune teller. This question will be answered by the device. The holder then asks for a number and/or color. Once the number and/or color has been chosen, the holder uses his/her fingers to switch between the two groups of colors/numbers that occupy the inside area of the device. The holder switches these positions a specific number of times, which can be given by the amount of letters in the color selected, the number originally chosen, or the sum of both. Once the holder has finished switching the positions of the fortune teller, the player chooses one of the flaps that has been revealed. These flaps often have colors and/or numbers on them, and the chosen flap often is the same as the color/number originally chosen. The holder then lifts the flap and reads the fortune that is underneath. Any one of these steps may be repeated to suit the user.

These devices can be "rigged" by the placement of only even numbers on one "position" and only odd numbers on the other, resulting in forced placement to an even position. In this rigged version, bad fortunes are placed under all the even flaps and good fortunes under all the odd ones, so that when an unwitting player complains that they always get bad fortunes, the fortune teller can expose all the fortunes and claim that the high repeat rate is the fault of the player and not the device."

how can this be applied to what I'm doing? Well the opening question could be "Where do my politics lie?" the numbers/colours could then be replaced by different archetypes/stereotypes of the Obama persona, each one based on an opinion from somewhere on the scale from the far right-wing to the far left-wing. The flap underneath would then reveal their political inclination. This is just an initial theory of how it could work, I think through on-going design I will reach a conclusion as to how it could work.

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