Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some dvd menu sequences

I just thought I'd have a quick look at other places animation can be employed. DVD menus allow little touches and flourishes to be added to the introduction of a movie, with little quirky animations that can really improve the customer's interaction and connection with a film, a lot of the time they use after effects or software similar to after effects.
Now I really enjoyed this one, aesthetically the style is appealing, the movement of the thing is nice and professional looking too. The transitions are well done and it avoids ever getting clunky or employing unnatural/jerky motion.

Now this one, I thought was awful. The way it moved was too fast for such a lot of information to be taken in, there was really no time to take in anything before being assaulted by another motion. I fear that the deisgner of this has overcoked his animation. The presentation of the flat images against a 3D setting was also quite jarring.

This is a highly professional looking one, the motion in it as well as the visual aesthetic is well employed. The timing of the animation and the movement it emplys is also nicely executed.

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