Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Digital Media.

Here are some kinetic type examples, they're extremely useful because currently we're doing typography based animation. Ultimately it'sa project where we learn the ropes of after effects, a complicated and powerful software. All the examples below use after effects to create the animations and it gives me an idea of where I could be with it in a few weeks/months time if I knuckle down. Some of them will be impossible for a good while, but nevermind.

I hate the film, however I think the transitions and timings in this one are excellent.

I think in time this speech and Ledger's performance will become Iconic. I really like the typographical choices in this one, however it does bug me that it adds the word 'son' on the end of 'why so serious?' when it's just him pronouncing serious oddly.

I think this one is particularly slick, it just looks of a qauilty that I'd like to achieve, the way it flows is really interesting too, and it does unexpected twists and turns that retain my interest in it.

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