Friday, May 7, 2010

Advertising avenues:

As well as propose designs for the packaging and covers of my books. I also have to create advertising for the book series. Here's a few examples of possible channels:
Web Banners:

The penguin site is an obvious place to put it. They have a section at the top that has a series of different advertisements for publications they have out at the minute. Designing a web banner to these dimensions would be useful, also because in the three main online bookstores below, they all (except for amazon) have a similarly sized web banner space at the top. It;s quite obvious that these should be big channels to promote the book online (both in physical format and in e-book form). Amazon use web banners at the side, as do a number of other websites that might be appropriate, so it's likely that creating one this size for websites such as this would be useful too.

E-books/i-book app

Below is one link to a website that does e-books, they have a similar web-banner to Waterstones at the head of their site that promotes new releases. Websites like this are also an important target. So I need to get a multitude of web banner sizes, mainly for the page header section, so I can advertise on a multitude of websites.

Another important and revolutionary element, is the ibooks app for the new i-pad, which already has penguin's backing. It's important to propose designs for the way covers might work in this format as well as the package as whole, especially given the new bookshelf layout of the library, it's going to be interesting to see how my designs can fit within that format.

Also, there is a book store that also has web banner space to promote new releases to the library. Again, given that it's got penguin onboard, it's likely that this would be an excellent format for advertising.

Physical advertising:
Physical advertising is the most difficult in terms of finding really useful venues to promote books. Posters for libraries and bookstores need to be investigated, as well as the traditional train station adshels. as well as other good venues to use this kind of advertising. These need to be investigated more thoroughly, and a trip to town tomorrow will allow me to do this.

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