Friday, May 7, 2010

More interesting book packaging

I went to, hoping that they'd have some packaging for books, and they did. Below is a die-cut book cover, the typography being cut out to reveal imagery below. I think it's a really nice effect and it does say 'special edition' or 'collectible'. It kind of emphasises the effort put into the design. If I was able to use the laser cutter, then this would be do-able. Sadly, I missed the inductions, so unless I can wrangle help from someone already inducted, it doesn't seem likely that I'll be able to do this. A shame, because it looks amazing.

I like these moleskins because because of the debossing, but also, the belly bands are a really nice way of packaging things that allows you to save on paper waste an production. This would be something to consider if ethical awareness was on the agenda. However, the brief sort of implies that it's a special collectible edition of books and therefore the packaging should demonstrate this. However, there could be ways to make a belly band appear nice and collectable, techniques such as foil blocking spot varnishing, embossing etc. although I'm not sure how possible embossing is.

I like that theres a hand stitched bookmark in these books, but to be honest, other than that they're pretty average. Also, I don't think I'll use this technique. I just thought it was a bit clever.

Below are mini-books of classics, packaged like cigarette cartons. Although I don't find this in any way appropriate to the material it's packaging, it is a very unique way to package the goods. I'm not sure how I could apply this kind of thing to my own packaging, other than trying to really think outside the box.

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