Thursday, April 15, 2010

Additional Type as Image research

Sarah Watts

I think the key to this is the successful interaction between type and image, as well as appropriate and muted colour palette as well as a nice paper stock. things to bare in mind.

J Galiana

I really like this and the way it's been contextualised, I'm wondering whether it's worth just doing some contextual quotes of my typefaces, not to print necassarily, but just to see them function.

Julene of designworklife

I just liked how ornate and beautiful this was, not to mention the extreme craft that went into it.

Astrid Chesney

I chose this because o the delicate way it's displayed and it's colour choice does make it very much 'blue' and it's something I should bare in mind when doing my type

Andrew Smith

Apart from having an awful website layout, he does amazing hand drawn type, here are a few examples I like, I think they work because of their bold colour choices and well thought out typographical layout. I think I need to bare in mind what these typefaces are goin to look like laid out.

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