Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finding a context for my brief.

Ok, so I know I want to produce a series of packaging, whether it be CD artwork or book covers, so I need to find this context and really nail it before I can progress.

I thought about what I'm interested in and the following options presented themselves:

A series of special edition factory record re-releases:

I'm really into music of the era, and to create a special edition release or a series of special edition releases would keep me enthused and allow me to apply a range of designs to very different applications.
A lot of the artwork in CD's is part of the public consciousness about these classic releases, to then redesign the packaging would sort of contravene a public understanding of the artwork, if I was to do this I'd have to honour the imagery and type of the classic records. This means that half of the work would be done for me and it's also very limiting.

A series of classic old school hip-hop releases:
Theres alot of artwork for old school hip hop, which is a little shonky, even though the records are great, giving me room to redesign in a way that's positive to fans rather than perhaps betraying them. Also, alot of traditional hip hop covers use illustrated type, whic is something I enjoy and can play around with.
Again, although a lot of the artwork is bad and I could redesign it, I would probably have to pay homage to a few, creating a potential mixed bag of outcomes and a difficulty in creating things that work as a set or series.

A series of 20th Century sci-fi novels:

Potential content:

Sci-fi novels really have an interesting range of cover designs and I like the challenge of appealing to a sci-fi market etc. Also book covers are a lot less sacred than album artwork, allowing me to be really creative and exercise creating a set/series a lot more fully than with cd artwork.
I don't really have a detailed knowledge of sci-fi novels, that I think would be really useful to aiding the production of type and imagery that communicate narrative and themes of the book.
A series of 20th Century American Literature releases:

I have already read a lot of these novels and have a really strong interest in literature of this genre, allowing me to keep enthused. Again, book covers aren't so sacred so I can really play with them. Also I think it's a genre of literature that isn't really read by a younger audience, and I think it should be so theres a potential audience to market to, there.
Theres been a large range of cover designs for these classics already, it's going to be difficult to come up with something truly unique.

This has helped me clarify that I can't really do album artworks for special editions if I want to come up with something unique, so it's bets to go with book covers still. I think that given my interest in 20th century american literature, this is the best to go for.

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