Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Negotiated brief research part ii

So this is the part where I look at the words I've picked and try and match type characteristics to them. I can use this to identify typefaces I could use as a starting point to draw from.

-sans serif
-large counters
-Upper case
-No counters
-lower case
-small counters
-sans serif
-upper case
-sans serif
-lower case
-upper case

I also think it's important to find imagery I can work into the design:

This work by Jonny shows how gooey or a similar aesthetic can be made using texture to create a dripping effect:

Similarly, fonts used for horror films have a similar quality that I can draw from.

Both these by Jon Contino are appropriate to gooey.

I chose this example by Edgar Reyes because of the words 'Fiesta' and 'en mexico'
it's angular and sketchy nature makes it look quite aggressive to my eyes.

Again, big bold angular type seems to say aggression to me in this piece by Stuart DBDD


This piece by James Gulliver Hancock may seem a little odd, but I think a serif font thats very thin could work quite effectively to demonstrate melancholy and I think I'll use this as a starting point.

I also think that working in textures like the ones in this piece could give a sort of delicate, melancholic feel.


In this illustration by Fiodor Sumkin. I think the words 'Grind' and 'out' have a nice qaulity to the serifs they use, if I use a similar amount of serif embellishments but make them even more angular, I can make a very sharp, hopefully citrus-like typeface.
Again, the manipulation of serifs in this piece by Nate Williams makes the font appear quite sharp and I could easily manipulate smething like this to make it seem 'citrus'.

This piece by Jade Sibley sort of suits cowardly in that it's a little wobbley and there are no counters, which kind of suggests it's closed off. If I were to manipulate something like this to make it look like it was shaking and perhaps make it a bit smaller too, then it might work effectively to demonstrate cowardice.

Jon Contino, the way the word 'ghost' is written with it's shakey lines could be quite representative of cowardice too.


Again, the font above is created by Jon Contino, the script style and serif embellishments really create a feel of royalty and luxary.

Similarly, the embellishments on this piece by DiR also create a feel of luxury.

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