Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contemporary bok design from bookcoverarchive.com

Tom Petty

I thought 'd show this one because it's a really great use of embossing that creates the idea of ghostly-ness i.e. it's there, but it's not there really. This guy isn't even a graduate yet so there's no reason I can't reach this level of professionalism.

Stewart A. Williams

I chose to look at this one because it's really, really hand done and lo-fi. However I don't particularly like it, whilst one colour plus black is a nice simple combination, the messy artwork against the yellow seems to conjour up images of accidents and ticker tape. I personally don't think this is a good thing.

Sam Webber

This imagery for Lord of the Flies is really strong, using the idea of Piggy's glasses from the book to create a very strong visual identity, however, I personally feel that leaving off the title from the front cover may be a bad choice in terms of communicating what the book is properly. Some nicely set type underneath would be a good addition, to clarify the book.

Meg Paradise

I've chosen Meg Paradise's work mainly for Florian Del Cassonetto. I really like the idea of using handmade typography, it's becoming somewhat of a specialty, so it's good to witness it working so successfully in a book cover setting.

Dave Pearson

I thought that this was a wonderful combination of illustration and properly laid out typography. I can also imagine this as a series of different books using different background colours and appropriate silhouettes.

Christopher Brand

I chose this again because of it's use of handmade typography. I like the simplicity and the colour and imagery choices really suit the content (16th Century literature)

Book City Jackets

These book covers serve no real purpose, they'r enot for a specific book, they're just there to hide ugly book covers, which I think is hilarious. The illustration is of a high quality and I like the simplicity of one colour plus stock and the way it works.

Alan Trotter

I like the contrast between typography and very handmade type on the covers to illustrate the Government and the Resistance of the novel. However I don't think this works for a few reasons: The cover doesn't really communicate what it is, and overal, the cover is just insanely busy.

Atlantic books

This is unfortunately not properly credited. I love the combination of intricate illustration with proper typography and well thought out layout and the simple colour choices work beautifully.

Nick Podpisany

I think this is a really good example of a way that the book cover designs can be applied to the e-book/i-phone/i-pad formats successfully. They still appear tactile and handmade and desirable even though they're flat images. I think it's important to remember that I can use a system like this when applying my designs across to a digital format.

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