Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interesting type design

I'm really drawn to this collection of typography below and how the letters are legible, yet they become almost weird glyphs that, to me, have a bit of mystery and an unusual quality about them that I find fascinating. I really want a custom typeface like these for my book, but I hate designing fonts. I tried it over summer. I came up with an ingenious solution though! I briefed David Gasi on designing me a font for the headers of the book. Anyway I'll put that brief up on my design practice blog but whats important is that I gave him a pdf with visuals attached, all of which are in this blog post:

Not strictly a typeface, more a collection of glyphs. I love the roundness of the counter-like shapes and the thin line weight. It's context as a giant header is also significant, there will be points in my book where I'm going to want to do something like that.

I saw this typeface whilst Ross was doing some research and asked him to email me the file. Again the really thin line weight combined with the unusual shapes and characters with this almost geometric quality create the feel of glyphs in my mind.

OK so this isn't a typeface but my research into the symbols they use and stuff uses a lot of triangles a=especially with freemasonry's roots in 'sacred geometry' so the aesthetics of this are really pleasing and the way the eyes are replaced by yellow circles kind of alludes to mind control, and hypnosis.

I think I'm goig through a phase of enjoyment of very thin type faces so this one sticks out, I also like the way its one typeface laid over a very different typeface to create two unique looks that work as one.

Again, this isn't strictly a typeface, but the use of eyes and those kinds of shapes can really make a unique typeface and it's good for David to not only look at typefaces but to draw from the inspiration of shapes, imagery and concepts as well.

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