Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magic Society decisions

Right, I need to make a few decisions, right off the bat. What to include: Poster, membership card, a newsletter/mini publication about prominent members/current affairs of the society and then a fourth item that I'm not sure about, but I'm leaning towards applying a similar aesthetic that I've used across the board to playing cards (a staple of early magic) and with this maybe an instruction booklet on simple magic tricks? When I've designed these items, I can then think about how to successfully package them in a clever way.

Theres a few directions that I can take this in too, but I'm looking at how to visually incorporate the idea of illusion into the branding. A list of things to research:

-Print promotion design that I admire
-Optical illusions
-Existing magic societies
-Young people's views on magic
-How and why magicians got into magic

There's a few starting points for me to go away and come back with anyway. Will post my findings soon!

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