Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magic Society Brief

OK, so I found this old ISTD brief about design for a magic society aimed at teenagers. I just think it's absolutely perfect as it is! I haven't changed it, and I'm happy to do it as it is, but I guess we'll have to see after tomorrow's brief writing session. Here it is anyways:

With this brief, there are also several things to consider:
-What kind of teenagers am I going to appeal to? If this is aimed at a nice piece for my portfolio, what kind of audience is likely to engage in the visuals that I want to use?
-The brief isn't all that specific about what promotional materials to make their needs to be at least 4 items including a poster, membership card and packaging. So I need to make decisions on what to include, though I do need to include 500-1000 words of text into one piece.
-I need to create branding, how do the other decisions I make affect the way I brand my products?
-How do I use typography and logoform to create a unique set of visuals that suggest magic or trickery?

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