Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please Fred, can I start my brief? 'yes.' AWESOME

OK so this is one I've been dying to get started on ever since I've written it because it encompasses everything that I want to do. Typography, a little work with signs and symbols, layout and book/publishing. Over summer, making the book that I did at the start, I realised that it's probably actually the most fun I've had doing design and the feeling of completing as big a body of work as a book/magazine is thoroughly satisfying.

Amber asked people to submit entries for the book fair and reading the book I've mentioned in my summer blog (, I was instantly interested in doing something unusual and mysterious. I was drawn to the idea of conspiracy theories because I think everyone finds them more than a little intriguing, it's a subject I would want to read about and a wonderfully done art book about it will sell well at the book fair in my opinion. I have a few killer ideas about how to make it even more interesting and collectible, but I'll get into that further into research and on my practice blog. First things first, I need to compile a rigid list of things that are of really important in terms of getting a professional and high class book that will destroy the competition!

-What conspiracies are the most fascinating and should be used as the content?
-Known signs and signifiers that will evoke a sense of mystery or conspiracy such as the infamous all seeing eye of the Illuminati.
-Typography and body copy, i.e. significant research into what works the best in terms of readability and legibility for the kind of document I'm looking at making.
-Grids and their effect on the readability and appearance of my book.
-What paper stocks can I use to create a polished piece of work.

This is all I can think of for now, but that gives me quite a lot to look at and I'm sure there will be plenty more things to come up as I go along/start working through it.

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