Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things what I admire and that...

I think it's a good idea to look at work from the year that has just graduated that I admire. This kind of sets the standard and also informs the direction I want to take with this module.

Anand's collaboration with Generation press for his identity is absolutely stunning. Really nicely chosen stocks, colours and a clever identity using the ampersand to make the and in his name, which is awesome. I need to find ways this year to equal this level of high end output. This is where I need to make the major step up as my production values have been a bit shonky on more than one occasion previously.

This is a book for NASA by student Tom Pratt, I think in terms of using bold imagery and the amount of body copy it actually utilises, it's probably comparable to the direction I want to take the Manchester book fair brief in. Although obviously I want my own unique style this is a very clear way of laying out a book that punctuates each section quite nicely. The simplicity of the design is the key and as I say, these people were on my course, so this kind of professionalism is definitely achievable.

This is a collaboration between Phil Armison and Tom Pratt, I just love the range of products that the resolution is applied to. This is something to consider when looking at my Magic Society brief, how does everything tie together?

Below is more of Phil Armison's work, I love the balance in the publication between the bright photograph and the simple, slick vector work next to it. They balance really well and showcase how a designer can colaborate with a photographer/fashion student to get great results!

This promotional card that ties in with it, again, is a nice way of applying design across a range of products.

So yeah, there's some lofty standards and I fully aim to reach them with the portfolio I produce from this module.

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