Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aleister Crowly/Thelema

This is going to be my last of the series of 6. I'm really interested in Aleister Crowley, his life is very exotic and unique. He founded a religious form of thinking called Thelema that fits nicely with the idea of cult, at the time it was seen as dangerous and satanic by those who thought Crowley to be the beast incarnate. Here is some research into the cult, I need to find some elements that I can play off of in a similar way to the rest of the series. I want to play on the idea that people at the time believed him and his beliefs to be of the devil by being black heavy, perhaps even using black foil-blocking as the unique finish.

Anyway, here is some research I've been doing into it:

Obviously not the most reliable source but it goes quite into depth and uses a lot of quotations from Crowley himself. The system of beliefs is sometimes quite complicated, but can be summarised by the phrase 'Do What Thou Wilt' with the will reffering to True Will, or your calling/destiny. Most of this is wrapped up in cosmology and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The occult symbols that he uses could also be of interest:
The overview summary on this website can easily be edited into appropriate body copy, and it includes a rough membership amount of 100-200 people which is useful. No one appears to have died as a result of the cult, it's true intentions being misunderstood by the scoiety and press of the time.

For the little personal account I'm going to select the quotes of Crowley from the wikipedia page and turn it into a small piece of body copy that summarises his views.

Here's a really large format hpotograph of Crowley that I quite like, but theres some other much smaller ones that are of more interest:

This one is really unique, I love the ceremonial garb and it really captures the theatrical essence of what he was about, so I'm going to search for a version of this image as large as possible and hope it converts into a halftone well enough, if not I can always fall back on the other one.

I think thats enough to work with now, just need to get cracking really.

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