Monday, November 22, 2010

FInding other societies:

After my initial discussions about this project, I decided I really wanted to a membership pack fro a magic society, not THE magic society 'The Magic Circle' but a smaller one with a more unusual name.

This Website
has an alphabetised list of all UK based magic societies. The two that look the most promising are the Pentacle Club and the Order of The Magi. As you can see, the design for both is extremely lacking and there's perhaps an option to propose websites with this brief as well. I think I'm more inclined to go with the Order of the Magi, because their name is a lot more ambiguous and open to reinterpretation. The pentacle club is very literal, and the order of the magi seems more steeped in history as a name. Despite the Pentacle Club's 90 year history.

After an extensive search looking through societies, guilds and clubs I came across, the one that provoked the most intrigue was the UK Guild of Taxidermists

Now I've got my subject matter, I need to contact them to get things like their headquarters/contact address, their mission statements and their rules and regulations. Now I'm going to go away and start looking at ways to represent these societies.

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