Friday, November 19, 2010

ISTD Fakery Brief

I'm doing te ISTD fakery brief, Here is some quick research of things that I'm aware of that I though were interesting in terms of faking, hoaxing and frauds:

The Yes Men are a group of people aiming to improve the world. In this elaborate stuns they made their own version of the New York Times, with headlines thy think the world would want to see. I really like how clever this is, by using the signs and signifiers of a formal news paper, they briefly tricked people and by doing so they established a point.

The Cottingley Fairies is a hoax local to Bradford that my Grandparents had hanging in their bathroom when I was much younger. It was perpetrated by children and fooled many. I quite like the idea of working with something local like this.

"Bath tub hoa
This story has been spread around for years, often being quoted by doctors as proof of culture overcoming common sense. The basic story, first published in 1917 claims that when the bathtub was first introduced in the U.S. people refused to use it because they believed that baths would hurt their health. Apparently what helped the bathtub was the fact that in 1850 president Millard Fillmore ordered a bathtub be installed in the White House.

However, in 1926 the original author of the article admitted that everything he wrote about the bathtub was false. He apparently made up the story as a funny, light piece to run in the Evening Mail. He didn’t understand why people believed everything they read without conducting further research and wondered how many other bits of common knowledge were completely made up."

The point about believing everything they read is pertinent to the power of an author or a typographer, thy can make something seem believable as long as the document it's self is presented in a sophisticated and professional manner.

I do believe the best approach to this brief is to create something that does involve creating a deception of some kind, and using the way the type is laid and set out to make it convincing. If the idea is strong and clever enough then it definitely becomes a piece that could win the ISTD award.
This is a sight that kind of takes the news and satires in it. the stories are fake based on fact. This kind of thing could be an interesting and comical way to take it. I'm not sure how interested I am in going down this road though.

I'm going to go away and do a bit of brainstorming and then pursue a few lines of enquiry.

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