Friday, November 19, 2010

Research for Garment designs

Two different phrases are needed to be interpreted here for two separate designs:
'The Worst of me is The Best of you.' And I've thought about a few things for this including geometric tessellations and dual tessellations:

Especially the dual tessellations, the fact that they are two unique patterns derived from one another kind of reflects the duality of the phrase pretty well. The second black designs are derived from connecting the central points of the first tesselations. This can create an interesting effect and the way it's derived kind of echoes the sentiments of the phrase quite well, whilst avoiding cliche.

Something else that struck me as a reference point to go away and work from was trick illustrations:

If I could make an illustration more content approprriate that works like these trick drawings, where looking at them in different ways creates different interpretatons of the drawing, then it would also play on the duality of the phrase. I'm not really illustration driven any longer, and this seems like it would draw my focus away from what I want to get out of this module. Plus, I need to get this brief done and out of the way with so I intend to spend a day on each of these briefs, maximum.

"Hand in hand with wonder and disgust" is the other phrase, I think I need to just get drawing and scribbling ideas down with this one because nothing comes to mind. Anyway, here are some designers and t-shirts that I'm looking at in terms of inspiration:

I think what they have in common, really is well chosen/unique typefaces combined at times with geometric or simple pattern/image design and often but not always vibrant colour. I think that vibrant colour is probably something that I should start looking at more and more as Daisy sees that as an important part of her brand. Anyway, I think I've got enough research to star going away and thhinking about how to use it.

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