Monday, November 15, 2010

Membership Pack Brief

Flat Earth Society: is there current website, and they used to do newsletters that looked like this:

As you can see both look fairly dated. There's room to upgrade what they have been doing and what they are doing. According to their page, they've been taking on members for about a year since they restarted and so now would be a good time to start making a decent and worthy pack to send out to new members.

There's an overview of their history and beliefs of the society on the wikipedia page, a little unreliable I know, but it seems to tally with what their website says quite well:

Things that they'll want in the membership pack:
-A membership card
-A newsletter
-A book/document about the rules of the society/a manifesto
-Something to package all of these in a mailable format.

Visuals I can use:

The flat earth model, or a map of the world as they see it, with antarctica becoming a large circle of Ice that surrounds the disk shaped world. This version is coloured and gradiated to depict the world quite accurately, but the way the lines and circles graduate outwards becomes a nice flat and interesting visual unto it's self. This is something that I can perhaps begin to explore.

Visually it instantly sparks images of british explorers from the 18th and 19th century, I think it's something thayt wes Anderson movies have used and turned into something very styllised and current in the credits/design for films like the life aquatic:

And the societies in the film Rushmore:

The font seems veyr similar to Gill Bold, and combined with the imagery feels very British, the quirky and unusual nature of the club is well illustrated by the photograph, though I'm not sure photography is right for this society.

And here is a shot for the title card of the royal tenenbaums that employs similar typography. The colour tones in this are very 60's and 70's with their pastal tones, which I quite like, I think this ties together with the feel of the society that I want to go with.

Things to do:
-Decide on other societies
-Get some visuals for the other societies
-Relate these visuals to more contemporary design
-Use these as decision makers for visual direction of the societies
I design for.

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