Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daisy Shayler Webb's fashion label (LIVE BRIEF)

Ok so this is a collection of things from talking to Daisy and things that she has given me. Firstly she presented me with a few of these images that she felt would give me a visual clue.

I think the main points she wanted to get across are this combination of color and the macabre.

I asked her to give me a few similar fashion labels as well as a description of how she would describe her audience. She gave me the following examples:
Comme Des Garcons

As you can see, this collection of fashion is very modern street fashion, but on the high fashion side of this kind of wear. Daisy described it as 'arty relaxed fashion'. this definitely fits that bill.

Vivienn Westwood:

Again, I think the point she's trying to get across is the combination of street fashion with the more high end and out there, the make up gives me a sense of the experimental and more 'out there' approach to streetwear/relaxed fashion.

Mine and Daisy's collaboration

Finally there is a colaboration that myself and Daisy did over summer. Theres a combination of this kind of macabre vibe that her initial pdf document she sent me suggests tied to the street-fashion/relaxed style that she's going for. I personally would describe it as 'hipster' fashion, sort of a cultural youth movement of young 18-25 year old artists, designers and those engaged with art cinema and music. Generally of a middle class orientation.

Things I've been looking at on my own:

I appreciate that this bit of branding doesn't have much to do with fashion, but the simplicity of it along with the really nice diagonal line create something that to me looks quite high end. Also the use of overprint/multiply tool is something that on an increasing trend within that area of design, giving this design a little bit of that contemporary culture feeling.

I think I chose this because of the very very simple nature of it along with the strong presence of black which is reminiscent of the Comme Des Garcons stuff that Daisy showed me. I also think the chaotic hand made type is well balanced by the traditional typography, which is very orderly and left aligned. The volume of black and little else going on really allows the hand drawn type to become a feature as well.

This design for 'five' by Kyle Poff is very simple but very contemporary and it looks beautiful applied to the spring summer catalogue design, taking on a very vibrant and colourful approach through it's setting. The typeface it's self is a great balance betwen traditional serif and an unusual unique typeface, which means that it can appear playful, as it does in the catalogue setting as well as very formal, as it does on the business card.

I've used this image as contextual research before, but the way the man is dressed combined with thst type of a very thin line weight captures very much the look of Daisy's brand.

I've also referenced this piece for a look book by Phil who graduated last year, but it's an example of branding in a similar kind of way.

This last one is just a very simple logoform but I just think it works beautifully. I need to remember not to overomplicate my designs for the logoform because it needs to be as immediate as this is.

This design for a collection of Skunk Anansie's music is really great, it's an example of strong colour presence in branding and how that can really really create a great identity. It also feels very much a fashion design. These images combined with the shapes, I can picture in a look book or a catalogue. They're also incredibly contemporary looking, which is helpful for the kind of fashion brand Daisy wants to be.

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