Monday, January 18, 2010

Clarification and such.

This is some working through for my benefit more than anything:

Concept Statement:

A series of 5 idents that advertise a season of John Hughes Movies utilizing visuals of the time and that a modern audience for teen films would respond to.


Shown at all times of day, 9 O clock watershed etc. means that in terms of visuals they can't depict nudity, graphic violence etc. and they can't contain swearing. Given that the films are quite light, I don't think this will be too much of an issue.


-The movies themselves, I've decided to limit myself to 4 movies overall and 1 that's almost a summary ident, rather than use planes, trains and automobiles because it doesn't really fit with the other teen orientated movies.
-The Channel it's for (see below)
-When is this season on, i.e. 'Thursdays at 9pm', 'this monday at 7pm' etc.

What is this for? (context): Idents for a John Hughes Movie Season, but where are they going to go? My choices are Film Four and Sky Movies, they tend to be the most specific film content channels. Here are their own idents and logos:

Film 4

I like that it doesn't involve alot of motion, motion isn't something I'm good at working with, however, I won't be using video footage, it's more likely going to be simple animation work.

Sky Movies

Again the logo is very corporate, and the trailer is quite swish. Out of the two, i feel that film four has more of the vibe that I want to use, but obviously it'll need a little bit of re-appropriating to the content and visual style of my idents.

So at the end of this little section, I've made the conclusion that I'd rather be doing this for Film Four, firstly because I'd rather work with their logos and the motion involved in their idents, secodnly because more people are able to view trailers for film four than they are for sky movies because all of Channel Four's different channels are free and use cross advertising of their channels i.e. channel four has idents for E4 and film four etc.


I see my audience as two-fold: People who were teens and 20-somethings at the time of the film coming out, and people who are teens and 20-somethings now. I feel that I need to interact with both groups more over the next few days to get some more information about the movies and what they like/dislike about them. I've already looked briefly at the different visuals that they would respond to, but I feel that I need to explore more animation that reflects the different audiences, so thats what my next post will hopefully be on.

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