Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hand drawn type

I got the book 'handjob' and I thought it was useful in getting my creative juices flowing both in terms of type as image for my Image module and type to use in my idents for the Movie season brief, so here are some fonts in the book and an analysis of why I like or dislike them (apologies for some upside down, my scanner and software for said scanner don't like to turn things the right way round):

I like the one above by Mario Hugo because it's a subversion of a font assosciated with sport and the use of the 3 hand rendered lines has a nice aesthetic look to it, the way it generates the shoulders in s, p and r in particular look beautiful. I also chose it because the retro sports vibe might be appropriate to use in the Ferris Bueller ident, the film it's self has a vibe that seems akin to this font somehow.

I chose this nce simple font with a drop shadow because I though something similar would look good for the breakfast club, if it was all stop motion and shakey, then it would have a nice aesthetic to it. I think I'd make it a little less rounded though, the counters seem a little too spacious for my liking.

I loved the angular nature of this one, it seemed amost greek or like a stone carving, or perhaps representing electricity, I think a font similar to this might be appropriate for the weird science ident. The sort of playful electric nature of it seems to fit well. Obviously I'm going to try the font from the film poster first because it's almost iconic now, however this may be a good backup.

I thought the nice regal element and the almost floral flourishes in the serifs made this seem importand and almost an air of cutesy-nobility which might be appropriate for the general John Hughes ident, sort of suggesting he's 'teen-movie' nobility. I really like how intricate yet simple this is and would be really keen to produce something similar myself.

This one, I just liked, I also thought this could be used in the John Hughes section, or something similar, however I think it might be a bit aggressive and space consuming, it might be nice to try this in lower case, but such blocky bubble writing might be a bit OTT, I can try something similar and see how it looks though.

I chose the one above because it's reminiscent of what I'm trying in the image module, I just really like the aesthetic of the hair, I think it looks excellent, but then again that might just be because it's my default stylistic flourish.

I thought a font like this, almost script would work wonderfully for the 16 candles Ident because it's a feminine film and the font says to me cutesy female teen.

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