Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok so over Christmas, as featured in my presentation, I used forums to directly target my audience, after a little bit of a search I found the iRewind forum, which has a specialist 80's Movie section, it's users are commonly people who grew up in the 80's catching up on nostalgia, but there are also contemporary appreciators of 80's movies, this made it an ideal area to do some direct research. A link to my 'thread' is here

Here are some choice quotes and the significance I personally feel they have:

"the dialogue and character relationships are a big part of what makes his movies so great. I also love the way he used music in his movies to elevate the story." - This gives me some clues in terms of content, music I can use for example. The music is quite memorable in each film, so I guess I have to pick a track, or 10 seconds of a track that are heavily assosciated with the film I chose.

"Hughes' great strength was always his characters. You can feel that he was trying to be honest at the same time as creating the standard 'wish fulfillment' of a Hollywood movie. His themes are all timeless, so you can enjoy the movies no matter what the fashions are within the films or in the society as a whole at the time you watch them." - This kind of supports my conclusion on audience, that there will be people from the time the movies were made and a contemporary teen audience that I need to appeal to.

"I think that teen movies these days are pretty much all based on the foundations that Hughes laid. The stereotypical characters that were beautifully highlighted in the letter at the end of The Breakfast Club are ever present in teen series and films alike." -This reinforces my decision to draw on imagery from the movies themselves as well as modern teen movies... they are interlinked quite heavily and it would be nice to feed the way the modern movies are influenced by John Hughes in reverse by using modern teen movie poster art and dvd art to feed into my work on John hughes.

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