Friday, January 8, 2010


So I decided to look at some film four movie season idents to see how they're structured, here's a few and a few quick comments.
This one for Sci-fi season, introduces the idea first without explanation, and presents something intruiging if a bit ambiguous. Over the ient it becomes more apparent what the meaning is, before it sums it up with a tagline and then tells you what the programming is and when it's on. I really like the idea and the way it's presented is clever and occasionally witty.

The British Connection advert is a different proposition, it shows memorable moments from several of the films in the season soundtracked to a piece of music. It follows a similar structure, idea-tagline ("the British Connection") time it's on. I don't like this one that much because it's not very inspired, however the "please sir, can I have some more?" on the end is a nice little touch that adds a bit of humour.

This one is quite clever, it appears to be advertising one thing (thriller) using Seven as a template, when in fact it's advertsing almost it's opposite in comedy.

These are created in a way that they can be broken into 10 second segments as well (for example, in the sci-fi advert, each person's transformation creates an individual segment that can be used as part of a whole.) this is something I need to be aware of as it's part of the brief. I need to create a sequence that is fluid, yet interchangeable.

These are just the little Idents that present the channel, these are most likely done using simple movements in after effects, but they're pretty effective and strong little idents.


  1. This is a great idea and Im sure you will gain a lot from looking at the structure, content and style of other idents already in use. It's a interesting concept portraying a lot in just 10 seconds. Are there any more you can find that employ a 'Juno' kind of style? And is the style you would like to employ? Do all things dated appeal to you - spirograph things that you spun and that drew coloured patterns?!

    You have also covered a great range of existing contextual research, having looked at cartoons, film, etc.. The other really good thing is the annotation you provide with all your clips. You are able to put across a lot of ideas and opinions successfully in this way - keep it up! ha ha

    One stupid final thing, but it would be useful for all your sub-sections of your blog, so design context etc, to have links to other sub-sections, like enterprise etc, so you can easily flick between them and not have to go back to the home page or type in new web addresses. (I so sorry if I just overlooking the links and ranting rubbish!)

  2. Thanks for the input, I'm hoping to get a balnce between the aesthetic of modern title sequences and poster design for teen films and the iconic retro imagery of 80's John Hughes movies, but I guess you'll have to see the visuals I develop to get a real sense of how (if I manage to) I make this work. And yes linking back would eb good, so far I've just been lazy, you haven't overlooked it.