Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Iconic Images and scenes in John Hughes movies.

I thought it would be useful to draw from scenes that everyone would remember and I can then use imagery from these in my idents.

Ferris Bueller

This scene from Ferris Bueller where he does twist and shout on the parade float is iconic.

The scene where Cameron wrecks his dad's car is also very memorable and completes a character ark quite nicely. The car in it's self is iconic, so this scene might be useful to draw from.

Breakfast Club

The dance scene in Breakfast club is by far the most iconic and showing parts of this scene will definitely draw the attention of the people that love this film and John Hughes films in general. Unfortunately I could only get stills rather than actual footage.

16 Candles

This scene is quite infamous, but isn't as immediate as the car or the parade in bueller's day off or the dance scene in breakfast club.. they're really iconic. I might need something more iconic like the scene with the actual cake:

Weird Science
This image is part of the most Iconic scene in weird Science where the two protagonists' creation first appears:
here is a link. I can deffinitely use this, it would definitely appeal to a John Hughes movies fan.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This is the most iconic scene in the movie and is really well known, however it does have quite a lot of swearing in it, so if I were to use it then I would have to recreate the emotion enough visually enough for people to realise where it's from without creating the audio... because If this were a real set of idents then the swearing wouldnt be allowed to be shown.

This gives em a great range of visuals to start experimenting with, using the stylistic elements that are on the presentation I uploaded to my design practice blog.


  1. Your subject matter is a good one - you'll be able to pull in some good visuals from these films, you're style really suits it. It'll be nice to see where your design decisions lead you with this one...

  2. In terms of 80's film I found a site with many listings and info about the subjects. Thought this could be useful to look at other peoples 'BEST OF ' to compare from an other angle.